Terms and Policy


Terms and Policy

Terms and Policy

Membership Definitions

Member (in good standing)

A member is any person that holds a currently valid membership card issued by the NASA office or by a recognized and approved NASA sanctioned organization.  The term “in good standing” defines a member that meets these three criteria:

1) the person does not have any outstanding debts owed to NASA, any of its region, or any NASA sanctioned organization, affiliate, or sponsor and

2) the person has been a member for at least 30 days and  

3) the person is not currently under suspension with NASA, any of its regions, or any NASA sanctioned organization. Certain  restrictions  may  be  imposed  on  those  members  that  are  not  “in  good standing.”

Membership Terms and Conditions

NASA offers a Membership Program, which means that one membership fee provides the member the opportunity to participate in any NASA sanctioned event anywhere in the country.  The number shown on the card indicates the NASA Identification Number (membership number).   A membership is valid through the expiration date indicated on the card image.   All regular members in good standing will receive Top Speed News, the official Nigerian publication of NASA.
Additionally, in exchange for being allowed entry into a facility or access to any other location where a NASA event is taking place all members and attendees at any NASA event agree to allow NASA and their sponsors and/or marketing partners to use their name and / or likeness of themselves and their guests while attending NASA events for marketing and promotional purposes.

All members agree to accept occasional announcements pertaining to NASA related activities or offers via mail or email.  Note: NASA does not sell, lend, or give-away any information about any member to sources outside of NASA (except to authorities upon demand) for any commercial purpose.  Furthermore, all NASA members agree that any and all video footage and / or still photographs may be held by the NASA administration for certain purposes such as accident investigation.

In exchange for being allowed entry into a facility or access to any other location where a NASA event is taking place, all members and all attendees at NASA events agree that NASA owns and retains all rights and copyrights to all images and sound recordings obtained at NASA events, captured by any form of recording device, using any media such as (but not limited to) film, magnetic tapes, memory cards, and hard disk drives, unless superseded by written contract.

Membership - Associate

All of the members of any NASA sanctioned car Association will automatically each be given associate membership status, thus making them eligible to participate in any NASA event anywhere in the country.  This membership has all the same privileges as a regular membership however; no membership card is issued to associate members because their own Association’s membership card will be recognized.   Only the Nigerian office may grant associate member privileges.

 Member Car Association Insurance (Optional)

A NASA sanctioned Association may, at its option, be allowed to purchase Commercial General Liability insurance and many other types of insurance that are very hard for a small Association to afford.  NASA is currently working on partnering an insurance company to ensure all members enjoy best rates on insurance.

 Membership Renewal

A member may renew at any time. However, the NASA must receive a renewal fee (equal to the amount of the membership fee, unless otherwise published) by the indicated expiration date to ensure that no issues of the monthly publication will be missed.  If a member is found to have participated in an event where membership is required, and that person has allowed their current membership status to expire (as defined in this section), that person will be subject to harsh penalties, including the possibility of indefinite expulsion.

Membership Revocation

NASA is a Private Association.   NASA reserves the right to revoke or deny membership to any person.   Upon revocation or denial, NASA may, at its discretion inform other Associations and sanctioning bodies of such revocation.

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